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NFT Give Away Terms

NFT Give Aways, Competition - TERMS

Newsletters, Give Aways, Competitions – TERMS 

Shitpocket.NFT may run promotional events from time to time during which subscribers to our Newsletter could stand a chance of winning NFTs released by Shitpocket.NFT.

All participants agree that the decision on NFT give aways are final and release Shitpocket.NFT of any liabilitiies. The costs of transfering such NFTs are at the expense of the receiver (these are platform charges and/or blockchain gas fees required to pay miners to process the transaction on the blockchain).

All NFT's must be accepted and received within 7 business days from the point of announcement, afterwhich Shitpocket.NFT reserves the right to redistribute to other events.

Selling of the NFT's won during events maybe subject to ongoing commissions should they be sold. The commission typically ranged between 0-10% of sale value.

Last update: 06 February 2022

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