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Community Garden


Sh!tpocket.NFT is about building a community of people who are passionate about making the world a better place through the support of specific causes.


We offer our members a way to learn about not only crypto and NFTs but also about raising the awareness of social topics of importance.

Everyone can contribute, those that purchase Sh!tpockets will be actively contributing to those causes as a portion of commissions will be set aside for accumulation and distribution.  Let's:

Change the world together, one Sh!tpocket at a time!

Image by Markus Spiske

Start Up

The first step is to plant the seeds that essentially lays the foundations for our community by setting up the website, opensea, social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Discord)

Digital drawing pad

Build The BRAND

The next step is to build The Brand and debut collection on Opensea by releasing a theme known by many, in this case the 1st collection relates to COVID. Start the grind on social platforms to grow communities and ground swell.

Pregnancy Yoga


Start communications around important topics that impact our future like, the Environment, Gender Equality and Respect for Animals and link them to Sh!tpocket NFT releases. Setup the FAQ around crypto and NFTs to educate more on the future of blockchain technology.

NFT Collection on Screen

Build & Release NFTs

Build a pipeline of Sh!t that goes in ya pocket for staged releases and leverage the community to build ground swell for each release. Start  to track commissions and set aside for DAO distributions.

Beauty Vlogger


Collaborate with Artists to create content and share in the rewards, they get to benefit from sales and promoting their name while the brand awareness increases.  Identify and deploy traffic growth campaigns that builds brand awareness through NFT drops, giveaways and links to social hot topics.

NFT Illustration


Review entry to Metaverse Events and include giveaways to attendees who use their Sh!tpocket NFTs during the events

Get Involved and help us build the COMMUNITY

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