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Strike a Pose


shitpocket.nft was created to celebrate life through sharing unique moments using NFT's.

Whether its the top 5 best landmarks or cupcakes or the useless shit you put in your pocket, we celebrate it, laugh about it and hopefully do some good along the way.

Use your shitpocket to convey your mood, likes, dislikes or gift it to others or just collect & hodl those rare NFTs...

A portion of our revenues will be vaulted in our DAO for specific causes. Members of the DAO will submit proposals and vote for distributions on a quarterly basis.

Just DAO it...

A DAO will be created from which our members will be able to submit proposals , vote on them and effectively make decisions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, because, well we all put shit in our pocket!

Vaults supporting various causes will be created as subDAOs governed by the mainDAO therefore providing our members an opportunity to belong to specific subDAOs (causes).

How do you join a DAO?

Look at it this way...your shitpocket NFT is an entry ticket to a DAO, the more you buy, the more say you get. Capeesh?


Meet The Team


Mark McNamara

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Crypto, NFT & Payments Enthusiast


Bella MC

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Dancing through Life



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Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat

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